Nelson Mandela Library Project

In collaboration with:

Rotary International, Soul Buddies, Department of Education, Breadline Africa

and Read Foundation and the Nelson Mandela Foundation.


The profit of Mandela Bangles is used to finance the Nelson Mandela Library Project with the aim to provide libraries  to as many schools as possible. In fact in Africa 90% of all schools do not have a library.

Here's how old shipping containers are transformed into beautiful and most decent libraries that can take a beating!

The containers are built by disadvantaged people who after a short training have learned the necessary skills.  This way they are getting a chance in society again.

Help us with this project, buy your bangle and let the Mandela Legacy and the dream of Nelson Mandela not get lost.


Focus on reading in primary schools.

It is important for children to learn to read. They'll profit from this by using it in further study.


  • Each boy that learns how to read remains on average base 2.5 years longer in school and improves the average household income by nearly 450% per month.


  • Each girl that learns how to read gets an average of 2 children less and improves the average family income by 1500% per month.


Made from old shipping containers.

The containers are converted in special workshops. Here are underprivileged people offered a job and through training they receive skills in welding and working with steel. Through this training and experience, it is easier for them to find another job, what means that we can find new people from the street and also give them a chance in life. Stripped, coated, painted and equipped with electricity, these containers a solid solution for beautiful libraries with a long service life. Doors and windows are fitted with insulation against the hot summers and cold winters.


Everything neat and well kept.

The libraries are fully equipped with books and shelves.

And as soon as the library is finished it is put on a truck to be delivered at a new school.

Inspiring and ambitious books are easy to find in these libraries and are primarily intended to expand the imagination of children and of course to inspire further study.

Rotary International is playing a major role in the purchase of books. Libraries after school are also often used for making homework.


It should look nice of course!

Each library is unique and needs to look nice for the kids.

The painting of the libraries is always done by volunteers. Every time a school may give substance to the design itself and therefore will every library have his own appearance. This one is almost ready to be opened.