Hlubi Mboya - Mandela Day Message


Year of production:2014

Running Time: 00:27 min

Lys- Engelsk  


Mandela Day Message has been provided by the Mandela Bangle SA

Nelson Mandela livshistorie


Year of production:2008

Running Time: 13:43 min

Lys- Engelsk  /  Undertekster Engelsk


Mandela's life has been provided by Nelson Mandela Foundation

Say It's Not True 


Year of production:2007

Running Time: 04:08 min

Lys- Engelsk  


Denne sang er skrivet af Queen & Paul Rodgers til Nelson Mandela

Mandela & De Klerk 


Year of production:1997

Running Time: 01:53:48 min

Lys- Engelsk  


(Full TV Movie) with Sidney Poitier & Michael Cane

OWS - Nelson Mandela People's Library 


Year of production:2011

Running Time: 00:48 min

Lys- Engelsk  


The People's Library at Zucotti Park, Occupy Wall Street Movement